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Swissvax World No.1 Auto Cosmetics

Paint Protection with Swissvax Premium Carnauba Wax

The Ultimate Protection


Your car is constantly at risk from changing enviromental factors such as UV exposure, road salt and industrial fall out and other natural hazards like tree sap and bird lime. Having your car protected with Swissvax helps prevent this.


A Unique Car Care System


Swissvax is a uniquely handcrafted car care system made in Switzerland and designed to be the finest product line of automotive comestic maintenance in the world.


Unlike ordinary <<polishes>> Swissvax waxes does not contain any abrasives. Just enviromentally friendly formulations of nutritive oil and carnauba wax. This makes it the product of choice for modern cars with water based coating. Essential oils such as passion fruit, avocado and coconut give these products a wonderful smell too. No wonder Swissvax is Recommended by major car manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce , Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini.



How Does It Work


The secret to protection is the quantily of carnauba wax contained in our waxes (between 30%-60% by volume). Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of a South American Palm tree. It is the hardest transparent wax know to man. Once applied, it sets hard creating a durable protective shell over the paint protecting it from fading, oxidation and the sun's ultra violet rays,as well as repelling acid rain and industrial fall out.


The Ultimate Shine


As well as protecting your car with Swissvax you can achieve a shine on your vehicle that goes beyond normal perception<<Shiny>> That's why Swissvax products are used and loved by car enthusiasts and concours winners the world over.

Swissvax Treatment


The newly revived paint surface is treated to a layer of crystal clear hard wax protection. This layer of wax is the car's first line defence to the elements. Multiple layers of wax can built up to give maximum protection and an increase depth of shine.


Lasting Protection


Caring for your wax treatment, strong detergent based cleaner will remove dirt but will also strip of the wax protection and potentially accelerate oxidation.

After a Swissvax treatment, it is important to use a gentle PH balanced shampoo like Swissvax Car Bath.

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