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Type Of Paint Treatment

'Paint Correction' is the process of removing 'below-surface' defects from a vehicle's paintwork.

These defects can appear in the form of swirl marks, scratches, holograms, sanding marks, etching, water spot, oxidation and more.

      Elite Enhancement              Treatment


This is Elite Image Detailing’s most popular option as it includes a single-stage machine polish. This offers a first level removal of surface defects (minor swirls/holograms), leaving sharper reflections, added gloss and depth to the vehicle’s final finish, using the safest tools and techniques

      Elite Premium Paint           Correction  

This detail includes a paint correction treatment via an extensive machine polishing stage – swirls, holograms, light scratch, and oxidation are removed. It is achieved by selecting a pad and product combination to suit the vehicle and its paint, which offers a level of correction whilst also offering a level of refinement at the same time ensuring a fresh defect free finish.  This is where you start to see the benefits of a professional detail.

      Elite Paint Restoration


This detail is a full multi stage paint correction and  is a lot slower process as every defect that can be safely removed is so. Once corrected to the highest level the paintwork is then burnished to add a level of gloss and depth that is second to none. The results of this process can be breath taking and in many cases leaving the finish better than brand new vehicles in the showroom. Once the machine polishing stages are complete the newly finished paint will be treated to an application of last stage protection i.e. Swissvax wax, Hydrobead Nano sealant or Cosmics glass coating. The protection will be discussed with you prior to the detail to ensure the product selected best suits your needs and the vehicle .
Leaves your car with a flawless protected finish.

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