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Cosmic Regional business idea is to fill a nice in the car care products market with unique boutique style anti aging coating. We developed Cosmics paint protection DIY kit specifically for car enthusiast who demand professional results with superior long lasting paint protection properties and extremely fast and user friendly to apply . 

Cosmic X3 Nano Hybrid Coating is designed for simple yet effective spray application. Cosmic Hybrid Coating provide complete paint protection solutions for your car whilst minimizing the maintenance of your vehicle and maximizing the value and enjoyment of owning the vehicle.

With Cosmics Nano Hybrid Coating , your car is encased in a shield of durable nano layer which increase gloss level with highly water repellency and also resistance to Oxidation , Deterioration, Harsh weather elements , Fallout contamination and UV ray .

Cosmics Hybrid Coating last up to 12 month.

Cosmics Nano Hybrid Coating

SKU: 999
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