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Welcome To Our Studio

Buying a car can be an expensive proposition. If you want your car to continue looking as good as new, inside and out, and maintain a high resale value for when you are ready to sell, then you need to take care of stains and defects as soon as possible. Fortunately most defects can be handled with Cosmics professional range of products.


Elite Image Detailing is proud to offer a wide range of detailing services that are individually tailored to suit your vehicle, and most importantly, you the customer.  These include professional detailing, paint enhancement and correction, premium grade waxes, upholstery wet extraction, maintenance detail packages and much more. Elite Image Detailing will be able to offer you a service that will enhance its appearance adding depth, gloss, clarity and protection.


Elite Image Detailing will take your vehicle one step closer to perfection, once the detail is complete it does not end there we will offer as much support and advice that is needed to ensure you can enjoy and maintain your vehicle correctly.


You are just an email or phone call away from treating your vehicle to the service it deserves.

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - SATURDAY: 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM




50 Serangoon North Ave 4 #01-06

First Centre Singapore'555856

Tel :+65 6636 4466

Fax :+65 6570 6800

Email  :

About Us

Elite Image Detailing was founded in 2012 and has become one of the leading car detailing service providers in Singapore. Although it is fairly new in the industry, it has worked its way up quickly to achieve its current position today.


From basic enhancement to Paint Correction and Paint Protection , Elite Image Detailing scrutinizes all products its has used and selects only the best product to use for its customers.


Within a short time span of one year, Elite Image Detailing customer base have grown from zero to thousands. With the right product and professional service, the Company has since expanded to overseas such as Myanmar and with other outlet coming up soon. In recognition of the company's excellence, Elite Image Detailing has been awarded the

-Asia Excellence Award 2013.

-Asia pacific Brand Award

-Singapore Quality Brand Award

-ISO 9001 Certified

Our Services

​- Paint Work Correction

- Paint Work Restoration

- Paint Work Protection

- Paint Work Enhancement

- Quick Detailing

- Monthly/bi-monthly maintenance

- Swissvax




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